Carrie Elizabeth (sasha13) wrote in graphic_whores,
Carrie Elizabeth

Contest 4 Faerie Winners are..

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YAY! Congratulations! I still can't post any pix. *pout*
Bah! are you using photobucket? Or is it lj?
Congratulations everyone!!
Aww shucks, you guys... *shuffles toe in the dirt*

Thank you so very much! I'd like to thank the academy...

What? This might be my only chance, and I've been rehearsing this speech since I was 7... Hey... what's that hook doing there at right stage? I... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!)

Seriously. Thank you. You've made my day. :)

Congratulations to all of the entrants. It took me almost 20 minutes to decide on my vote for this contest. A great big thumbs up to everyone who entered for a job well done.

YOU ARE WAY TOO FUNNY! I loved the caffeine faerie so much! Do you mind if I use it? I of course credit ;) She just reminds me of ME right now with two small kids. I need my caffeine!

You did a wonderful job sweetie. Now, make sure that speech is ready for your next win!
Yep. Snag away. :)

Both icons (bitch fae and caffeine fae) are available for use to all members. Enjoy!
Congrats to everyone!!! These were some damn fine faeries if I do say so myself. :D

*hugs everyone*
am I no longer a mod here?
You haven't been around to help hun. Let me know when things have calmed down for you.
....not really sure what you mean?

or why you say that things aren't calm lol

....I still am doing what you told me to do last....
checking people's posts to make sure they follow the rules... behind cuts, the way they ask for credit
...and so on

....if there is more...or less that you want me to do....just let me know
I meant family stuff. Also, participating in the contests. You don't have to do every one. But, at least one.

If you feel you can do this I will put you up for mod again. :)
oh the thing with my dad? ....yeah thats been over for a while now

and I haven't been in ANY contests lately (ANYWHERE) because my user account was corrupted and I lost a ton of crap...
like MS paint....which I use for sizing...which is pretty darn important! lol

...and I dont know where my comp cd I cant re-install it either...
gah! lol

....but I shall try to make some icons with what I DO have
I already added you back hun. Just let me know when things are going sour.
alrighty thank you :)
Oh wow, thanks so much and congrats to the winners. I voted for the tied first. *grin*