Carrie Elizabeth (sasha13) wrote in graphic_whores,
Carrie Elizabeth

Idea for a fun contest

What do you guys think for the next contest if we have our SPOUSES or BOYFRIENDS enter their icons with none of our help whats so ever. My husband thought of this idea just now. I thought it would be fun and funny.

I am asking you now so I just don't surprise you guys and have no one enter.

Let me know here. And, remember there is no contest next week. Just voting for the Horse/Unicorn Voting.

I am very curious about what you guys think!

p.s. my husband has never played with any program on the computer. LOL! He doesn't know what he is in for. ;)
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I think it'd be an okay idea in theory, but I don't think it's managable for an actual contest. Simply because not everyone here has a boyfriend or spouse to enter the contest, and out of the number of people that currently enter the contests, I don't think enough of their significant others would be interested in doing it. Of course I have no actual authority to say that, but I dunno, the idea seems kinda.. blah. It'd be great to see what the lovers of a graphic whore can do though, see if they've picked up anything LoL
Well that would alienate those members without spouse or boyfriend/Girlfriend as well as those apart from their sweeties for one thing. Just a thought.

I wouldn't do it as I don't let me honey near my computer. *L*

I was also wondering if during the holiday season we could have a contest every other week instead of every week. I'm going to be swamped with family/work/travel stuff and I'm sure I won't be the only one. Just another thought. Something to think about. *blush* I hope its okay to say that.

If ya'll want to do the thing where another person enters a contest for you that's okay with me though. I just won't be a part of it for sanity reasons. *L*

Oh and I mentioned this to RubyFireFly. I was going to mention it to you as well. How about one week instead of a Contest we have a Secret Santa Icon Type thing. Maybe we could ask who wants to play. You take the names of the people who are interested and match them up with someone to make one or two icons for based on the info listed on their user info page or something. Whatcha think? That way everyone gets something and we get to know one another better. :D

I'm so up for that. My current squeeze can find his way around Photoshop pretty dang well. :)
*snorts* I'll have the ManThingy make something for me to use whether or not we have the contest just so I can see what he would do. He's tinkered around with MSPaint a few times and has made some pretty nifty stuff in the past...

I love the idea of a Secret Santa icon exchange! :)
I think its a cute idea!

...but you should hold it when MY honey is HERE! lol
he wont be here till dec 23rd

My husband doesn't even know how to turn the computer