Deanna (lola_dark) wrote in graphic_whores,

Icons and Banners

Just a couple of things: 2 icons and 2 banners

* * *

And then....

Please note that the wicked banner is a BIG file and you will have to store it some place that allows that of else it will look all distorted... Save to your own server and credit. Please and Thank You.

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how pretty-grabbing the 2nd FO banner-thanks & will credit when used!
love the first icon, Ill credit if I use it.

Everything is awesome, grat job!
Snagging the Wicked banner for a friend, she will credit.
Oh, wow, that first icon...~takes trip down nostalgia lane~ Reminds me of that song "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone..." Haven't heard that in FOREVER...Awesome icon :D