Carrie Elizabeth (sasha13) wrote in graphic_whores,
Carrie Elizabeth

Bondage Base Workup # 1 Hand cuff winners!

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Congrads to all of the winners!

These were all great!!!

BTW, sasha13 I'm so happy to see you are using my icon...made my night!

Your icon was my choice. ;D
I remember!!!

Congratulations everyone who entered! You did a great job! :)
I really liked all the entries. :D
Congratulations Winners!!! :D

I have some ideas on this, Sasha13. ;)

Ooh can we use any yet??? I have been designing some icons but am too chicken to post them yet. Maybe soon. Cheers!
You need to ask the maker of the icons to be able to use them.
I'm honoured!

*surprised face*

Well, I'm gonna enter the next contest if I can...

Congrats to everyone, and good job to all of us!
1. Wow. Thanks.
2. Anyone may use my icons that wish to, credit is cool but so not needed.
3. What was wrong with this contest? I looked for past messages to explain and didn't see any. I suppose I don't have much place to question considering I won, but to be honest, if there is any question as to the winners, then I will gladly step aside.
*HUGS* No you are totally fine. The thing Sasha13 meant wasn't so much fairness really as one icon getting three awards instead of them being spread out a bit more which is what we'd like so more people can have fun. I'm tired. I hope that made sense. Hard to explain. *L*

Either way, just letting you know you and your Icon got 1st place fair rightly. ;)

Benners should be up in a day or so. :D

Oh wow. I'm slow. *L* I just noticed You got first and third. :D Great Job! Well deserved. :D