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Graphic Whores

Image whoring at its best ;)

Image Whores
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This is a community for all the graphic whores out there. It's for people that make icons, layouts, banners, buttons, graphic art etc. with a graphic program. If you love making graphics or just like to look at graphics this community is for you!

We try to make this as drama-free as possible, no demanding credit, because, really, unless the base icon is YOUR original art, you can't claim credit for something you merely manipulated. This doesn't mean people can come in and take all they want and not feel they SHOULD give some kind of credit, as icon makers do deserve some respect for their manipulations and creations, but, we really don't want the drama of people crying thief and fighting in here please. There's other communities that don't mind this sort of thing, so if this is how you deal with people, take it there please :)


Rules of this Community:

1. Do Not Ask for Credit! If you ask for it, the same people whom are already not going to give you credit, will still not give you credit if asked. Don't waste your time.
Instead say, "credit is nice" "credit is appreciated, but Not demanded". I am seeing on other sites where this credit thing is getting WAY out of control. I don't even look at their icons anymore when they are so rude about it. Being nice means others will be nice back. And, that usually means crediting. =)

2. If you feel the need to insult someones work then you WILL be banned. Instead use constructive criticism. If you don't know what that is then Please just don't say anything. You can make a lot of people mad by being rude. Be nice. If not, you will be banned.

3. You can post up to 3 images before you make an lj-cut, please be kind to our dialup friends ;)

4. If there is nudity and swear words involved, PLEASE put it behind an lj-cut. Also, PLEASE instead of the post being PUBLIC, I want it to be Friends Only. So, before submitting your post, change the option, kay?

5. Always try to be polite, common courtesy might not be so common in the real world, but here on LJ, please at least TRY. In doing so, then we can also cut down on drama this way as well.

6. DO NOT advertise another community if you are NOT going to share your graphics. It WILL get deleted. ESPECIALLY if it has NOTHING to do with graphics!!

Rules on Requests:

1) 1 request per week per user

2) Please keep in mind that we all have lives, we don't get paid for this, we do it because we enjoy it, so if your request doesn't get done right away, don't freak out or anything, just give it some time :)

Members that can fill requests:

sasha13 *Part Time*


Our Moderators

If you'd like to help with requests, please let sasha13 know. You may email me at pochoqueen@hotmail.com

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Sister Communities:

If you have a community you'd like listed here, just let either sasha13, kuroinamida, otterprincess, or night_fall know! :)

Buttons for our community:

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