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This is a community for all the graphic whores out there. It's for people that make icons, layouts, banners, buttons, graphic art etc. with a graphic program. If you love making graphics or just like to look at graphics this community is for you! This is a drama-free community. Please read the rules before you join! We try to make this as drama-free as possible, no demanding credit, because, really, unless the base icon is YOUR original art, you can't claim credit for something you merely manipulated. This doesn't mean people can come in and take all they want and not feel they SHOULD give some kind of credit, as icon makers do deserve some respect for their manipulations and creations, but, we really don't want the drama of people crying thief and fighting in here please. There's other communities that don't mind this sort of thing, so if this is how you deal with people, take it there please. Thank you!

Sincerely, The Mods


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11/10/05 @ 1:39a
subject: Long time no See.
mood: accomplished

So i havent updated on here in awhile. I finally got my computer fixed from only 16 colors, and now i have 256 *which is what it should have been* I can NOW use PSP instead of just animation shop. *ANYWHO*
Im learning how to make blends, and so i thought i would share my first blend. Its not the best, but i dont think its to shabby for the first blend i've done :)

Feedback is REALLY nice! Thanks-
Marilyn Manson BlendCollapse )

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11/8/05 @ 12:17a
subject: A BIG favor please!

I have asked theatresphynx to re-open peacock_jade. For those whom remember, it is an icon community. She just put up a contest. Pretty Please go over there, join, and check it out. I didn't want her to give up that wonderful community!


Thank you guys SO much!

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11/7/05 @ 11:37a
subject: Contest # 4



1.  Icons must be 100x100, and no bigger than 40k.

2.  You may use any Faerie you would like.

3.  You may use gradients, text, text brushes, textures, and blends

4.  You may animate any part of the icon.

5.  You may enter only 2 icons.  You of course can enter one if you don't want to do two.

6.  You may enter animated or static icons.

7.  Icons need to be in by this Sunday the 13th. Midnight Pacific Time.

8.  Voting will start on Monday the 14th.  It will stop the following Sunday the 20th. Midnight Pacific Time.

9.  All comments will be screened so no one can see eachothers icons. :)  

You guys are doing an awesome job with the icons you have made for the previous contests.

It has been a great turn-out with each contest.

I can't wait to see your creativity with this contest.

Happy Icon Making!!

Your Maintainer






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11/6/05 @ 8:19p
subject: Bondage Base Workup #1 Voting

Poll #606794 Bondage Base Workup # 1

Vote your favorite ONE icon


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11/6/05 @ 10:07a
subject: Reminder Two

The Bondage base contest wil be ending tonight at 8 p.m. otterprincess will be going out of town tomorrow morning so I am starting the voting a little bit early.

I forgot to copy the link. But, if you scroll down a few entries..you will find the info.

We have some great entrie!! Keep them coming!!

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11/3/05 @ 9:16p
subject: Contest Reminder One

We have 6 entries so far. I would really like to see more come in to have a good contest.

Here is the link for the contest..


starwriterlv, can you make a new entry in the contest post with resized 100x100 contest icons? I am really sorry for the convenience.

Happy Icon Making!

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11/3/05 @ 9:17a

Yeah, this is a funny combination if I do say so myself. Van Wilder Text icons and Keria Knightly icons. Isn't life grand? I thought so too. Just remember to read the rules and do not forget to enjoy. ♥ Lindsay

Teasers: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

[18] Van Wilder Text

[8] Keria Knightly

There are [26] icons in all

(Its no bong...)

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11/1/05 @ 8:03p
mood: content

These are some icons I made. I hope everyone likes them. Also if you do enjoy them please come join my community. ^-^ Thanks.

1) No Hotlinking
2) Please comment if taking
3) Crediting is nice. Thank you.


1)Image hosted by Photobucket.com 2)Image hosted by Photobucket.com 3)Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Warning - Not Work Safe

36 Icons

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10/31/05 @ 6:17p
subject: Questions about contest 3..Bondage #1

Okay..first off I did put in the rules about animating or not in the green print. I put it there after I was asked about it. I didn't put in the EDIT part.

Please be patient with me as this is only the third contest and I am trying to work out all of the bugs.

I used to do contests in this community a long time ago. Not very many, however.
I have two very young kids and they take most of my time. But, I am never too far away from my computer.

The base was too big. I don't know why because I have made an icon in the past with that base so I must of re-size it without knowing it was too big in the first place. My apologies.

So, let me try this again..

Contest 4..Bondage Base Workup #1


1. You may make up to two icons..no more.
2. No cropping of the icon.
3. No other images is to be put with the icon.
4. It may be animated or static.
5. You may use gradients, text brushes, texture brushes. You may animate them.

Icons must be in by Sunday, November 6th. Voting will begin on the 7th. Voting will end on Friday, November 11th. at noon Pacific Time.

Winners: First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Maintainer's Choice
Mod-kuroinamida's Choice
Mod-otterprincess's Choice

If you have any other questions please ask them here.

All icons are to be posted here...http://www.livejournal.com/community/graphic_whores/495230.html

Here is your base

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10/30/05 @ 1:28p
subject: Halloween Contest Award Banners

Hello Fellow Graphic Whores :D

Here are the winning banners from the Halloween Contest. Great Job Everyone!!

Animated Icon AwardsCollapse )

Static Icon AwardsCollapse )

Maintainer & Moderator AwardsCollapse )

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10/30/05 @ 10:31a
subject: Contest 3.

Bondage Base Work up..Part One

There will be different bondage base work ups throughout the contests here. This is the first one.

No more than 2 icons per person.
Images must be NO BIGGER than 100x100 and 40k.

No blending.

You may use text brushes(or regular text), gradients, and textured brushes, and any other you can think of. The images can be static or animated.

All comments will be screened.

Icons must be in by Sunday, November 6th. Voting will begin on the 7th. Voting will end on Friday, November 11th. at noon Pacific Time.

Winners: First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Maintainer's Choice
Mod-kuroinamida's Choice
Mod-otterprincess's Choice

Here is your base!

Good luck guys and lets get a good turn out!

Edit//When you do a base workup you only use the base..do not insert other pictures with it unless it is a Brush. This means that you are not using a regular picture..It is a brush like anyother brush. If it is hard to understand then just don't do it.
You may not resize the image also.

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10/30/05 @ 10:49a

Its been almost forever since I have actually posted some icons, but I finally got some for ya guys. Just make sure you read the rules before you take.. And you guys enjoy! ♥ Lindsay


[12] Lost (Everyone hates Huego)

[5] Johnny Depp

[10] Once Upon a Time in Mexico Quotes (mostly Agent Sands)

There are [27] in all.

(Click here for the rest)

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10/29/05 @ 9:00p
subject: Ideas for Contests

I will be doing contests on a regular basis. I need your help with ideas for contests, amount of time to get your icons in, and how many days to vote.

Please copy and paste this little form to answer these questions.

Number of days to enter:
Number of days to vote:

Thank you for your input guys,

Your Whore Team

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10/29/05 @ 11:37a
subject: The Grand Weiners are...

Animation: First Place: jaymzalexander
Second Place: sasha13
Third Place: roostersgrrl

Static: First Place: starry_rapture
Second Place: sasha13
Third Place: gatesofdelirium

Maintainers Choice: starwriterlv-static icon

Mod-otterprincess's Choice is: blackbirdshaq-static icon

Mod-kuroinamida's Choice is: otterprincess-animated icon

Congrats everyone!!

Banners will be up soon. :D

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10/28/05 @ 6:03p
subject: When will the voting end?

Because I know how it feels to be anxious about when the voting is going to end..there is not reason to drag it out.

Voting will end tomorrow at 12 noon Pacific Time.

Unless the voting is really weird I will have votes in for a day in a half for two days.

Excellent Job Guys! These are all awesome icons. :D I will be announcing the new contest tonight.

And, if you are wondering why I haven't been able to type well, like misspelling words..I can't move my left ring finger. There is something wrong with my joints in there to the palm of my hand. Geez, I'm only 33!

Finish up your voting for every one just tunning in now and tommorow morning.

You guys are all awesome!!

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1 Comment
10/28/05 @ 1:26p
subject: Finally..The Voting!

Sorry guys. The cable was out yesterday..massive outage. I use high speed internet..so no internet. I tried late last night to do the poll when it can back on, and photobucket wasn't working..bah.


Places..First Place
Second Place
If a tie for second or third there will either only be a second place winner or we will vote for those icons seperatly.
Maintainer's Choice.
otterprincess, Mod Choice.
And, kuroinamida, Mod Choice


Poll #600435 Halloween Contest Voting!

Animated Icons..vote only ONCE!


Static Icons..Vote Only ONCE!


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10/27/05 @ 4:27p
subject: ICONS - Bettie Page

I was asked to make some Bettie Page Pin Up Icons, so here they are! There are 19 of them after the LJ Cut.

+19!Collapse )

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10/26/05 @ 4:22p
subject: Maintainer & Moderator Banners
mood: bored

Sorry I took so long to post these up. I've had a rather hectic week and have been battling a massive migrane. Thankfully otterprincess was the biggest sweetheart and did the banners while I was passed out sick. *big hugs to her* ^.^

Moderator Winners under hereCollapse )

MaintainerWinners under hereCollapse )

Please save these to your own server. ^.^

Congratulations to you all!


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10/26/05 @ 11:55a
subject: Reminder Two..Last Reminder

Halloween Contest ends tomorrow @ I forgot..look at what I wrote..heheh.

We have a few good entries..I would really like to see more. :D


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10/26/05 @ 12:04a
subject: ICONS - 20's, 30's, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, B Horror Movie, Vintage Pin Up, Cheesecake, More

Hello all. This is my third full set of icons I have made. They include: 1920's, 1930's, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, B Horror Movie, Vintage Pin Up, Cheesecake photography, Hair, Cosmetics, Fashion and More.
67 Icons After The LJ Cut
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
+67!Collapse )

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